About Ros


Rosros Clarke is a Christian teacher, speaker and writer. Since May 2017, she has been employed as the Associate Director of Church Society where her responsibilities include editing Crossway, their quarterly magazine, and producing their new weekly podcast. Prior to that she worked for the Diocese of Lichfield as the first Online Pastor in the Church of England.

She holds theology degrees from Oak Hill College and Highland Theological College. Her PhD thesis was on canonical interpretations of the Song of Songs, and she is particularly passionate about helping Christians to read and understand the Old Testament. Ros attends Castle Church in Stafford where she runs a Bible study group for women in the congregation. She has taught on the Midlands Ministry Training Course, lectured at the Tyndale Fellowship conference, spoken at the Premier Digital Conference, given workshops for women in Bible teaching ministry, and taught in a wide variety of other contexts. In 2016, she was part of the team that won the Premier Digital Award for Most Creative Use Of Social Media, for developing and chairing TGI Monday, a weekly youtube show.



Ros is interested in almost everything except cricket and football, ros6and mostly she likes happy endings in fiction and in real life. She is also a crafter, a blogger, a twitterer, a lazy gardener, and an appalling housekeeper. She lives in a sixteenth century shed in England and is very glad that it has twenty-first century plumbing.