38 things resurrected!

Phew! One of the things I lost when the website went down was my list of 38 things to do while I’m 38. But thanks to the magic of the internet, I have tracked down a cached version of the old page, so I can now update my progress.

1. Get first novel published (and hopefully second and third)
2. Become Dr. Ros
3. Go to see the Strictly Live Tour at the O2.(We actually went to Wembley Arena.)
4. Holiday in Sardinia
5. Go to Woolfest
6. Enter craft and baking categories at the county show.

7. Learn to weave properly
8. Finish some of my knitting WIPs
9. Eat something I’ve never eaten before

10. Learn to make fabulous lingerie
11. Spa day with F.
12. Plant 38 new bulbs
13. Become a better spinner
14. Go to see the Strictly Dance To The Music Tour

15. Visit 38 new places
16. Walk along a beach without shoes
17. Make a new quilt
18. Eat pizza in Italy
19. And gelato

20. Do The Artist’s Way
21. Make puff pastry from scratch
22. Start saving for the Best Holiday In The World Ever
23. Swim in the sea
24. Have my hair cut in a different style
25. Wardrobe cull
26. Book cull
27. Buy new clothes
28. Buy new books
29. Learn to take better photos

30. Get a professional manicure
31. Sign up for an OCA module
32. Start teaching again. Not in a school, obviously.
33. Start wearing perfume more regularly
34. Find a dance class to go to
35. Be in the audience for a TV or radio show. Preferably Strictly, but I realise this is unlikely.
36. Have afternoon tea at glamorous London hotel
37. Always have flowers in the house
38. See the Staffordshire Hoard

Not bad at all. Still to do with just over two months to go:
2. Become Dr. Ros
7. Learn to weave properly
10. Learn to make fabulous lingerie
15. Visit 38 new places
20. Do The Artist’s Way
21. Make puff pastry from scratch
22. Start saving for the Best Holiday In The World Ever
30. Get a professional manicure
31. Sign up for an OCA module

I am reasonably hopeful about #2, 10, 21, 30. I have begun #10 with one pair of pretty knickers and I have the pattern and all the kit to start on a bra soon.
There is a possibility of #7, 20, 22, but I think it’s likely that I won’t do them in time.
I am pretty sure that #15 and #31 are not going to happen by April 15th. This is okay.

#2 is obviously the one causing all the angst, sleeplessness, stress and fatigue. I have a very nearly complete first draft which will need serious chopping to get down to size. We shall see. If I have submitted by my birthday I will be very happy indeed.


  • Hi, Ros! I’m curious. About #9: what did you eat? Was it good?

    Also, did you blog or write up an account of #36, the afternoon tea? I’d love to read about it.

    Finally, are you doing anything to mark Lent, giving something up or other action? I’ll be carrying my lunch instead of buying it, with the resulting savings going to our local food bank.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Marilyn

      I ate bottarga when I went on holiday to Sardinia. I really liked it. Very fishy and salty and delicious – just a few slices with a bowl of pasta.

      I haven’t blogged the afternoon tea yet – it only happened last week and I haven’t got round to it. I will though. It was utterly fabulous.

      And yes. I’m giving up twitter for Lent. It’ll be hard but it’ll be good for me and I hope to use the extra time productively. I did it a couple of years ago and really appreciated it.

      Are your eyes doing any better? I’m glad you’ve been able to find amaneuenses to help out but it’s not quite the same.

  • Ohh, bottarga. I had it just one time, also over pasta. They shaved it over my bowl of pasta as if it were a truffle. Like anchovies, but so much deeper. I’d forgotten all about it. Good memory for today, thank you.

    I think as much as I enjoy interacting with people, and that includes face-to-face as well as social media (just my blog, I don’t do the other things), there’s such peace in reducing the “noise” in life. I’ve always liked Advent and Lent for that side benefit, being focused on an event that is coming, spending my spare moments thinking about it, and having that focus for meditation. I hope you’ll find your Twitter fast to be useful and restful.

    Eyes are being a nuisance, but I keep reminding myself that it was a four-month healing process last time. Thank you for asking, that’s nice of you.