Every so often I like to do a post about money. Mostly this is because it used to be SO HARD to get any information at all about what authors with different levels of success were making. I think it’s becoming a bit easier to find out, especially for self-publishing. Check out the boards at Absolute Write and KBoards as a starting place. Brenda Hiatt’s Show Me The Money has some figures for romance authors. And if you google, I’m sure you’ll find even more information. But anyway, here’s something about mine.

The UK tax year starts in April, so that’s how my accounts are done. 2013/2014 is, therefore, only a provisional amount. I’ve given the actual amount so far plus my best estimate of what it will be in April. The figures given only include income from writing, not any of my other work. I have not actually been surviving on this income! Dollar approximations in brackets are not exact, since I keep my accounts in sterling.
2011/12: £50.16 ($80)
2012/13: £1776.56 ($2900)
2013/14: £5326.89 (actual); £5900 (estimated total), ($8750 (actual), $9700 (estimated)).

Here’s how that compares to books published:
2011/12: Reckless Runaway, Tycoon’s Convenient Wife, All I Want for Christmas
2012/13: Table for One, The Oil Tycoon
2013/14: Flirting with the Camera, Last Night of the Summer

My biggest seller in 2013/14 by far is The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife. All I Want For Christmas has also contributed a large chunk, mostly because of foreign rights sales.

Total from Entangled books: £2731.11 ($4500)
Total from self-pub books: £3265.71 ($5400)

However, my self-published titles did not really start selling until after the Entangled books came out. I think there is a fair chance that if I had only self-published I’d still be making something more like the 2011/12 figures.

So, that’s where I’m at. It’s all going in the right direction and I’m excited to see what will happen this year.