A wall

There has been progress on the doll’s house:


I painted one side wall and then I got to work. I wanted a painted brick effect, so I mixed up some talcum powder and white emulsion paint to make a sort of plaster substance. I took some craft foam, drew lines on it and then cut out brick shapes to make a stencil. The foam was a good depth, but not quite stable enough, really. It lasted for one wall, but I’ll need to make new ones for the others. And when I put the plaster through it, I had to keep tweaking the foam into place. It’s fine for the cottage I’m doing, but it wouldn’t be great if you wanted a more even look.

I left the bricks to dry overnight and then sanded it down to get rid of some of the extra-blobby bits. I left the dust on the wall while I painted it once more with white acrylic, to add a little extra texture. I’m really pleased with how the brickwork turned out.

So, then on to the fun part: the Banksy. Seriously, this is going to be the coolest house ever. I’m planning a Bridget Riley wall in one room and a Rob Ryan ceiling in the attic. And on the outside a Banksy:


I’m very pleased with it indeed!

Oh, and the bricks at the bottom of the wall? Let’s just say that Banksy, like me, can’t paint feet. ;)