Advent 2017

I’m planning a new series of Advent daily Bible readings this year, working through the minor prophets. These will be quite long – 3 or 4 chapters most days – but I think it’ll be a fantastic way of looking forward to the Lord’s return as well as preparing to celebrate his first coming.

I’m also going to do the 36 pictures in my colouring Bible that go with these 12 books. More than one for every day, hooray! I’ve just cast on for this year’s Advent scarf, ready to begin the actual knitting on December 3rd. That’ll give me an hour or so every day to sit down, without the TV on, without worrying about other stuff to do, to read God’s word and reflect on it.

If you’d like to join me, the readings are:

Advent 2017 in the minor prophets
3rd Hosea 1-3
4th Hosea 4-7
5th Hosea 8-10
6th Hosea 11-14
7th Joel
8th Amos 1:1-3:12
9th Amos 3:13-6:14
10th Amos 7-9
11th Obadiah
12th Jonah
13th Micah 1-3
14th Micah 4-5
15th Micah 6-7
16th Nahum
17th Habakkuk
18th Zephaniah
19th Haggai
20th Zechariah 1-4
21st Zechariah 5-7
22nd Zechariah 8-11
23rd Zechariah 12-14
24th Malachi

There’s a printable version here. Feel free to photocopy and share as widely as you like.