Today I have to write a LOT. I’ve got two mad crazy deadlines in the next 10 days. So to make it a little bit more fun, I’m having a twitter/FB contest. Guess how many words I’ll write before midnight (here, BST) and the nearest correct answer will win an extremely rare paperback copy of Flirting With The Camera. Happy to post it internationally.

Enter EITHER by tweeting @ros_clarke with #allthewords OR in a comment to the FB post here.

Good luck!


  • Why degrade book covers (yes COVERS) in a review when you should know having books with entangled the author hardly gets any input?

    I found your review doing a search of my favourite author and noticed your post. You are not in a position to judge any author’s stories when All I Want For Christmas is the worst short story I’ve ever read. The others? Old fashioned and unrealistic at best.

    • Sorry you don’t enjoy my books.

      As for covers, I’m not reviewing the author, I’m reviewing books. And like any product I review, I’m free to comment on any aspect of that including (but not limited to) cover, formatting, editing, storytelling, print quality, availability in preferred formats.