An Offer She Can’t Refuse: complete

The final part of the Regency romance serial went live today. Buy or borrow all four parts at Amazon US/Amazon UK.

Because this experiment has gone so well, I’m planning another one! Lady Selina’s Season will also be a Regency romance serial, in three parts. I’m aiming to publish it in December. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Also, I should let you know that if you downloaded part 1 of An Offer She Can’t Refuse before Nov 7th, there is now an updated version which has the Battle of Waterloo coming at the right time after the Congress of Vienna, not before. #embarrassed. Anyway. Amazon won’t push the new version out – I did ask – but if you email them at they will make sure you get the new version. Or you can just squint and pretend it isn’t there. Sorry!