Having finished my bedroom, I seem to have turned my attention to the bathroom. I basically still like the original choices I made here but it needed a new toilet seat and there was one wall where the paint had been peeling off for, um, several years. And suddenly the whole room was looking a bit bland and shabby. No more!


Sparkly loo seat! Also, a thing for holding all the bits and pieces over the bath. And a basket for spare loo rolls. I still have a plan to line this and then it needs hanging from the hooks. At the moment, the flush is hidden underneath it. It’s not very easy to see, but the corner of wall on the far right has now been painted silver.


New wall art! Four postcards of Puffin book covers in some cheap IKEA frames I had lying around. I painted the frames silver, bought a sheet of acetate because the glass inserts of the frames had long since disappeared, and made this little display. The others are wallpaper samples, cut into shapes and mounted on silver-painted foam core board. I used mod podge to stick and glaze them, so hopefully they will survive the steamy bathroom.


From the other side. The glass on the bottom shelf is also new, but the silk painting is not. The postcards are Worzel Gummidge, Paddington at Large, Professor Branestawm, and Alice in Wonderland.

And this is my favourite thing:


Based on an idea from How About Orange, I stuck more postcards on foam core board. Then I sprayed with glitter varnish, because I had some and it seemed like a good idea. It was.

I am very pleased with the whole thing. It is less shabby, though not exactly chic. But it is bright and fun. And I have even cleaned it thoroughly as well.