Bonfire Night Book Bonanza

Here’s a quick plug for my newsletter. Sign up here! You’ll get all the news straight to your email. I don’t send out chatty newsletters full of holiday photos. It’s straight up book releases, and this month’s is a doozy. You can read it here to get an idea of what you’re missing!

What you’re missing this time is FREE BOOKS!!!

Let me say that again even louder: FREE BOOKS!!!

To celebrate the publication of my latest short romance, Bonfire Night, I’m having a FREE BOOK BONANZA!

These titles are all completely FREE from now until Bonfire Night (5th November)! Get them for yourself! Tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell everyone who reads books! Tell anyone who doesn’t read books yet!


Twelve Days
Last Night of the Summer
Island Fling
Not My Field
Bonfire Night

But wait there’s more! The first two parts of my Regency Romance Serial under my NEW pen name are ALSO FREE until Nov 5th:
An Offer She Can’t Refuse part one
An Offer She Can’t Refuse part two

But wait, Bonfire Night? Is that a new story? YES, IT IS! Cover and blurb and all the details are here.

And wait, wait, An Offer She Can’t Refuse? Is that a new pen name? YES, IT IS! All the details about that are here.

I told you there was lots of news, didn’t I?! It’s all in the newsletter, hint, hint.

But wait, THERE’S STILL MORE. I now have an anthology of four of my short stories available digitally AND IN PAPERBACK! All the details are here.