Books for sale (not romance)

I’ve been sorting through my office and I have several books I’d like to sell. I had a look at Amazon and the fees they charge are high! If they don’t sell here, I’ll maybe list them on ebay, but I thought I’d try cutting out the middle man first.  I haven’t read them all and I am not endorsing their content!

I haven’t included p&p, but I’ll charge that at cost. Payment via Paypal, please.  May be open to offers, especially if you’re buying more than one book.

If you’re interested in any of them please email me (use the website contact form if you don’t have my email address) and I’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for looking and please do forward to anyone you know who might be interested!

ALL books are in very good condition. Some are as new, others have been read but are unmarked and unharmed. If you want more details on any of them, please ask. I’ve linked to the Amazon page for the specific edition where possible and noted where not.

Four volume set for £45

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary (NT) Vols 1-4, Arnold, (hardback Amazon price: £98.99), sale price: £45.00

Books for £10
Origen on the Song of Songs as the Spirit of Scripture, Christopher King (hardback Amazon price: £87.20), sale price: £10.00
The Kristeva Reader, ed Toril Moi,  (paperback Amazon price: £17.31), sale price: £10.00
The Resurrection of Jesus, Licona,  (paperback Amazon price: £28.99), sale price: £10.00
Predestination, Levering,  (hardback Amazon price: £64.09), sale price: £10.00
The Theology of BB Warfield, (UK edition), Zaspel (hardback Amazon price: £23.23), sale price: £10.00
The Theology of BB Warfield, (US edition), Zaspel (hardback Amazon price: £26.99), sale price: £10.00
Eternal God (different cover), Helm, (paperback Amazon price: £22.62), sale price: £10.00
An Introduction to Christian Theology, Towey (paperback Amazon price: £32.24), sale price: £10.00
The Theology of Paul the Apostle, Dunn, (paperback Amazon price: £31.83), sale price: £10.00
God’s Holy People, Wells (hardback Amazon price: £24.97), sale price: £10.00
Global Dictionary of Theology, Dyrness, Karkkainen (hardback Amazon price: £29.22), sale price: £10.00

Books for £5
Thanksgiving, Pao (paperback Amazon price: £10.48), sale price: £5.00

The Ethics of Evangelism, Thiessen (paperback Amazon price: £9.67), sale price: £5.00
Who Made God?, Andrews (hardback Amazon price: £16.50), sale price: £5.00
The Social Construction of Reality (different cover), Berger, Luckmann (paperback Amazon price: £7.69), sale price: £5.00
Slave of Christ, Harris, (paperback Amazon price: £10.34), sale price: £5.00
Wisdom Christology, Ebert (paperback Amazon price: £10.46), sale price: £5.00

Books for £3
The Transforming Power of God, Legg  (paperback Amazon price: £8.40), sale price £3.00
This Little Church Had None, Gilley (paperback Amazon price: £7.14), sale price: £3.00
The Expectant Prophet, Currid (paperback Amazon price: £6.92), sale price: £3.00
Psalm 119 For Life, Jones (paperback Amazon price: £8.60), sale price: £3.00
Foundations for the Faith, Ellsworth (paperback Amazon price: £7.57), sale price: £3.00
The Accidental Anglican, Hunter (paperback Amazon price: £8.78), sale price: £3.00


  • Hi Ros,

    Great to see your new SoS website! Am looking forward to reading your thesis at some point.

    Could I buy Dunn, Theology of Paul, and Ebert, Wisdom Christology, please? I will be back to Tyndale a week in Oct. Are you going to Cambridge before then at any point? If not, I will work out the best Cambridge address to post them to.

    God bless,

    • Yup, that’s fine. I should be heading to Cambridge at some point in September so I can take them for you. Let me know who I should leave them with. Hope all’s going well for you.