Career progression

Not mine, my heroines’. Prompted by a review on one of my earliest books by someone who was horrified at the heroine’s lack of ambition. I don’t think I would write that character now. Here’s how my heroines have progressed:

(In order of writing, not publication)

© Bobby Flowers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Bobby Flowers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Waitress (Tycoon’s Convenient Wife)
Temp (Reckless Runaway)
Oil tycoon (The Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh)
Model (Lying for the Camera)
Accountant (All I Want for Christmas)
Food critic (Table for One)
Lawyer (An Unsuitable Husband)
Lawyer (Twelve Days. Oops. Didn’t mean to write two in a row.)
CEO (Unnamed WIP)

In some of these stories, the career is not central to the story (Twelve Days, All I Want for Christmas). In others, it’s the source of the external conflict (Table for One, The Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh). I’ve flirted around the traditional boss/secretary trope – Reckless Runaway is sort of that, but it’s not a standard sort of office. The unnamed WIP at the end of the list fits much better, although it’s the hero who is the PA, not the heroine.

So where next? Royalty? Hmm. Maybe not.