There has been progress on the doll’s house: I painted one side wall and then I got to work. I wanted a painted brick effect, so I mixed up some talcum powder and white emulsion paint to make a sort of plaster substance. I took some craft foam, drew lines […]

A wall

I don’t really like to have too many different Works In Progress (WIPs) on the go at the same time. At the moment, I have the hoodie I’m knitting and one piece of embroidery. I’d also like to finish hand quilting the bedspread I started last year. That feels like […]

My new project

I’ve uploaded some pages of meditations and colouring for several psalms. You’re free to download and copy these as much as you like for individual or church use. You can find them all here and when I have more done, this is where I’ll add them. Please do NOT upload […]

Bible colouring