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In a discussion about romance novel covers last week, someone asked why they couldn’t have beautiful covers like some of the ones on this page. I pointed out the need for the covers to carry the right genre signals and to be affordable. But then I thought, why not?

So here are some possible new covers for a couple of my books:



And here’s one that I actually think I might use:

It’s for the anthology of short stories I’m planning to publish later this month. I thought I might try putting it out in two different editions – the romance box set style and the slightly less genre specific style. And then see what happens.

Which do you like best? And which would you be more likely to buy?


4 thoughts on “Covers

  • Miss Bates

    I like all of these. It’s an interesting question because I’m as likely to deride romance covers as are many romance readers. Yet I need their conventions to ensure that I’m buying what I want to read. On the other hand, I’d buy your new book because I’ve read the previous ones and liked them (hello, Émile). So, I’m a reader who looks for an author first and the cover is irrelevant to that. Trying something “different” on a romance cover means that your readers will buy and read your book and maybe the new style of cover may attract ones who might avoid the conventional one … though I like this final one. It’s natural; they look happy; and they looked nicely ordinary, which I like.

    • theoldshed Post author

      It’s such a complicated thing. You’re right that the cover isn’t primarily aimed at existing readers who have probably already made up their minds whether they want to read your next book or not. The couple from the box set cover will be on the cover of the short story due out next week. I was so pleased to find them.

  • Cal

    Well as a non romance genre reading person I would be MUCH more likely to pick up, buy and be seen in public reading, a book with a cover that is not the romance genre norm. I am exceedingly unlikely to buy one (except for yours) with a soft focus picture of a couple, all flowing hair and intense eyes, on the cover.

    But I’m probably not your target audience!

    • theoldshed Post author

      Yes, and that’s the thing. There’s no point attracting readers who will then be disappointed by the actual book. You need a cover that will attract the readers who will enjoy it!

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