Dealing with criticism

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m doing The Artist’s Way at the moment. This week’s chapter includes a very helpful section on how to deal with criticism. She suggests the following process:

1. Get it over with. Read/hear the critic through to the end.
2. Make notes of any ideas or phrases that you find troubling.
3. Make notes of anything that seems useful.
4. DO SOMETHING NURTURING. She suggests reading a positive review or remembering compliments others have given you. Reassure yourself.
5. Remember that even if your work is bad, that might be a necessary stepping-stone to doing something really good.
6. Work out whether the criticism is triggering a painful memory or an old wound that hasn’t healed.
7. Write a letter to the critic, defending your work and acknowledging its flaws. DO NOT SEND THIS LETTER.
8. Get back in the saddle. Commit to doing new work.
9. Do it.