Don’t buy my books

Not this week, anyway.

This week I want you to buy someone else’s books.

Friend, and fellow Entangled author, Jackie Barbosa had the worst news imaginable last week. Her teenage son died in a car crash on the way to school. The family have set up a memorial fund in his name, to be used as a scholarship fund. You can donate to it here.

Jackie has more important things to be doing right now than promoting her books, which is why Beverley Kendall and Courtney Milan are co-ordinating responses from bloggers, authors, reviewers and anyone else who wants to help, to make sure that we can carry that small burden for her at the moment.

She’s written some great books, especially if you like your romance a little on the sexy side. Her Entangled title is Skin in the Game. I really enjoyed Hot Under The Collar – a historical novella about a rakish vicar!

She’s got a couple of free stories available too, if you’d like to give her work a try. (Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a couple of other free stories on her website.)

It’s hard to know how to help an online friend who lives so far away when tragedy hits. I’m glad to be able to do at least this small thing for Jackie. And because I really, really want you to buy and read her books, I’m going to add a little incentive. Leave a comment to this post before April 1st telling me you’ve bought one of Jackie’s books this week, and I’ll enter you into a draw for a $10 Amazon gift card.

ETA (because I should have known what everyone would say) that I will match the prize with a donation to the memorial fund, of course. But I’d still like you to buy more books!


  • I did just buy 2 of her books and downloaded the free one. I feel so bad for her. My kids are at that age as well and I don’t know what I would do. If you happen to pick my name in the drawing, please donate it to the memorial fund.
    Thank you!
    Prayers for the family!

  • That’s heart-breaking. His poor family, to lose him at such a young age. I’ve bought one of Jackie’s books but I don’t need to go in the draw, Ros. Good for you for being such a thoughtful and caring friend.

  • My heart goes out to her and her family. I brought a book but should win please donote it to the Memorial Fund.