Five days

Release week is always scary and unpredictable. Will anyone buy it? If they do, will they even read it? If they read it, will they hate it? Will it sink into oblivion, never to be noticed by the few who might enjoy it. I have been reminded this week how much easier release week is with the safety net of a publisher and their publicity and marketing teams. They sent out plenty of advance review copies of the book, so that by the time of release there were already several reviews on Goodreads, and soon after release, several on Amazon and B&N. They set up a book tour, including promo stops, guest posts, interviews, a giveaway and some reviews. Other Entangled authors generously helped with some social media – tweeting and FBing and so on. And so, by the end of day one, some people had bought it. Phew.

It’s been around #1500-#2000 on all week, and comfortably in the series romance top 100. It’s collected a handful of reviews, with a high average, and it seems to be holding steady. The first time I looked at the B&N ranking it was 5 or 6 figures. I can’t remember exactly. I think I shrugged and re-focused my F5ing efforts on Amazon. On Wednesday I checked again. #536. By the end of the day it was at #449. Thursday morning: #269. This morning: #130.

Only 129 books in the whole world have sold more than mine on B&N this week.


And seriously exciting. The higher it goes in the ranking, the more visibility it gets, and so the more people see it, click it and buy it. At some point, probably, that effect starts to wear off, though by then a lot of people are reading the book and, hopefully, rating it, reviewing it, talking about it… which leads to more sales. I honestly have no idea why it’s done so well at B&N, except that my books have always sold well there. For a long time, I sold more at B&N than anywhere else, by a factor of 5-10. Eventually my Amazon sales caught up and now I make about the same at each site. I’ve never done any B&N-focussed advertising or anything like that. I wouldn’t know where to start, to be honest.

At the moment, An Unsuitable Husband doesn’t feature in any sub-categories except series romance on Amazon. I’ve asked for it to be added to ‘Sports Romance’. As things stand, it would be #1 in that category on B&N and in the top 40 or 50 on Amazon. More visibility, more sales. I hope that kicks in soon while the book is still in a position to take advantage of it.

It still doesn’t have a lot of reviews – 4 or 5 on bookstore sites, less than 10 on Goodreads, but I think it’s selling better than – or at least as well as – many books with ten times that number. I hope reviews will follow from sales, but it’s sales that really matter, I think, in terms of visibility. So I’m not complaining. About anything. It’s been an amazing five days, far exceeding my expectations and hopes.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s bought it, read it, rated it, reviewed it, tweeted about it, liked it, or just helped keep me sane while it’s all been happening.