Getting my ducks in order

Or something like that.

So, voting opens in the first round of DABWAHA tomorrow. My book is in the last set of match ups which won’t open until Friday March 22 12:00 pm – 11:59 pm CST. That is, I think, 5pm Friday to 5am Saturday GMT. When it is live there will be a simple poll, for which you do not have to register, at this link. I will post again when the poll is live.

Not sure whether to vote for me? I made this little video to help you decide:

Absolutely convinced that The Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh deserves to beat all-comers? Here are some things  you could do to help (please note, trash talking, votemongering and certain kinds of bribery or incentive are all permitted and encouraged in this contest!):

  • Tweet a link to the video ( with the hashtag #dabwaha.
  • Put the video on your FB page, website, anywhere else you can think of.
  • Tweet a reminder to vote when the poll goes live on Friday.
  • Voting is limited to one/IP number, I think. But it is totally legitimate (seriously. It was suggested by the people who run DABWAHA) to vote more than once if you happen to use your phone/ipad/laptop in different places with different internet access.

Please don’t feel any obligation to do any of these.  If you have any other brilliant suggestions for vote-mongering, let me know!

Also, in the interests of full disclosure, there is a prize for the winning author (an iPad). I have no expectation of getting that far and, really, I’m most interested in getting the extra publicity for the book and hopefully some new readers.