Going in the right direction


Monthly income (averaged over three months, to smooth out the effect of quarterly payments) from sales of my books over the past 19 months. In £.

I’ve also just been working out the total royalties paid so far for each title (in order of publication):*

RRATR (self-pub, 21 months): $530.72
TCW (self-pub, 20 months): $1620
AIWFC (Entangled, 16 months): $1254.33
TFO (Entangled, 14 months): $710.87
TOTAHSS (Entangled, 9 months): $1076.76
12D (self-pub, 4 months): $55.27

I would never have guessed that The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife was going to be my biggest seller. I really don’t think it’s my best book. I think that the two short stories which came out with Entangled have more than earned their keep. They’re both under 12,000 words and were quick to write. I’m a little bit disappointed with sales for the Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh. I love that book and I would have hoped it might have sold more. But it is still selling and it may pick up again at some point. Twelve Days came out in a rush just before Christmas and although it had some amazing reviews, sales never really took off. I’m planning a re-launch in November.

*NB: this only includes royalties actually paid up to the end of April. Most of the royalties mentioned in the previous blog post are still to come. They are included in the graph, however.