Holiday snaps (iii): Queen Mary 2

This is what was waiting for us in our Princess Grill Cabin:

This was the view from our cabin on the grey, drizzly Friday when we left New York:DSCF4099That is the Statue of Liberty in the gloomy distance. Her torch was still shining, though.

And, um, that is the last photo I took. Sorry. Here’s some postcards I bought:DSCF4103

The captain informed us that we cleared this bridge with about 2m to spare. That is not very much at all!DSCF4102We didn’t get to sail round the statue as in the top postcard, because we were delayed leaving and the weather was so bad.

This is my haul from the ship:

DSCF410110th Anniversary book of the QM2. Personalised stationery. Cunard chocolates. Cunard slippers. I also have a Cunard pen somewhere.

So, um, you’ll have to imagine the rest. There was a lot of sea. It was very beautiful. I will blog about what it was like on the ship but the tl;dr version is: AMAZING.