Imaginary lives

One of the first week tasks in the Artist’s Way is to come up with five imaginary lives. Things you might have done, people you might have been, if there were no limits and no fear. Lives that are more fun than your real life. Here are mine:

Stictly Come Dancing celebrity learning to dance with Robin and wearing twirly sequinned dresses.
An artist living on the Isle of Muck, swimming in the cold sea and painting glorious colourful pictures of light.
A lecturer with no admin, marking or stress, just enjoying the buzz of teaching students who long to learn. In this one, I wake up excited every day.
I’m married to a man who makes my heart dance.
A great chef, playing with taste, texture and colour to create love on a plate.

I already wrote two of these into books, although I never finished the dancing story. I’m writing another at the moment. And all of my heroines end up with men who make their hearts dance.

What would be your imaginary lives?


  • (1) Personal stylist and make-up artist
    (2) Chief executive of a local authority
    (3) Couples counsellor
    (4) Cabaret singer-songwriter
    (5) Wedding planner

    • I am unsurprised except possibly (b). I am not sure that the job would be as good in real life as in your imagination.

      • I don’t think any of them would be as good in real life as in my imagination, because me.

        I think (b) would be incredibly difficult, because of politics and lack of money and disaffected people and appallingly hard decisions, but I also think that I would really, really love to be in charge of something big enough to matter and small enough that I could make it better.