Kickstart me!

Those of you who’ve been around here for a while will remember Tom and Hattie.

I love Tom and Hattie. I miss them and I’m excited to get on with finishing their story very soon. I’ve been publishing the unedited version in serial form here on the website, but I always planned to get the completed story polished up and put on sale. I’d really, really like to be able to employ a freelance editor to help. In fact, I’ve already got one lined up. But I need some help!

So I’ve launched a Kickstarter project. For various levels of pledge, you’ll get some fabulous rewards from me. And I get to employ the editor and make the book super-brilliant. Win/win, right? Right.


Here’s what’s on offer:
A mention in the acknowledgements
A certificate that you can print and display stating that you are an official patron of the arts
An e-book copy of the complete, edited novel.
A personalised version of the e-book including a digital autograph and message from me.
A limited edition print copy of the book, signed by me.
Pick the name of one of my characters.
A pair of handknitted socks – perfect to wear while reading!

I’d love it if you can pledge your support, even just for £1 or £5. And if you would like to tell others, please do that too!