Lent 2018

I haven’t published a reading plan for Lent this year, because I don’t have one.

Instead, I am returning to a habit I started last summer and which has lapsed a bit over the winter: Scripture writing. By writing out the scriptures, I am forced to slow down, to consider every word, to see how it fits together, not to let it slide past. I like doing it and I like having done it. It’s a biblical practice too, since the kings of Israel were commanded to make their own copies of the law. Writing something builds knowledge of it into your muscles as well as your brain.

So, I have a notebook with the right number of pages for Lent and I have started with John 13, and I shall simply write a page each day, with a few lines of reflection and prayers, and see how far I get. There’s no reason not to continue beyond Easter, of course, though that seems like a good time to assess and consider whether a different devotional practice would be better for that time.

I’ve also started a new prayer notebook today. I bought a weekly revision planner from Tesco a couple of weeks ago, and have used stickers and washi tape so that it now says ‘Prayer’ rather than ‘Study’. But I like it because it has space to write things every day and then tick them off. I plan to use this for keeping track of the people and things I pray for. I know there are some I want to be praying for more regularly and I think this is a good way of doing that. Plus new stationery!

And, finally, we are running a Lent series on the Church Society blog, on the Apostles Creed, the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer. I’m writing the posts on the Ten Commandments.