List of lists

A list of lists of romances

Lists by poll

AAR Top 100 romances (best romances of all time, voted for by readers)

AAR Annual reader poll (voted for by readers for books published each year)

Goodreads Best Top Romance Novels (a compiled list which GR users have then voted to put in order, I think.)

The Romance Reader Top 100


Lists by individuals/small groups

Mrs Giggles’ Keepers (books she rated above 90%)

AAR Desert Island Keepers (scroll down and click “All DIK reviews”)

Dear Author Recommended Reads (books graded A, or sometimes B+, I think)

Dear Author Top 100 (a list compiled by the DA reviewers)

Smart Bitches/Dear Author Romance Canon (a podcast of a discussion between Jane and Sarah, with the beginning of a list. See also excellent suggestions in the comments)

Wendy the Super Librarian’s romance canon (books that contribute to the history of the genre; see also excellent additions in the comments)

Heroes and Heartbreakers Ten Romance Novels You Should Read (one blogger’s opinion)

Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels of All Time (another blogger’s opinion)

Lists of award winners

RITA award winners

RT award winners

RNA award winners


If you know of other lists I’ve missed, please let me know in comments and I’ll add them. I’m sure there are plenty of individual’s lists I don’t know of, and there are probably others too.