After a frantically busy couple of months, it’s been nice to have a few days for making things this week.

First and best, a tiny baby dress for a tiny new baby:
My niece was born a week ago. She has some growing to do before she fits into this and the other dress I made for her a couple of months ago.

Next, a very pleasing project indeed. I saw a hat a few weeks ago and made its owner take it off for me to have a better look. This is my version:

Brilliantly, when you wear it, ears appear! I have written up the pattern in several sizes, and I plan to make it available through p/hop.

Still in progress, crochet hexagon bag. Seven hexagons to go! I hope to finish them today and make up the bag tomorrow:

Also in progress, warping my new rigid heddle loom:

And waiting to go in the oven, marmalade chelsea buns. YUM: