My new toy

So, I was sitting at my desk, starting to think about what to have for lunch, when the phone rang. A delivery driver, who couldn’t find my house, as usual. I gave him directions and then tried to remember what I’d ordered. Couldn’t think of anything. But when he arrived, he took a large box out of his van which certainly had my name on it. And the magic word… ELNA.

Several months ago, I’d entered a competition to win a sewing machine. I quite often enter competitions and occasionally, therefore, I win things. This one was so long ago, I’d almost forgotten about it, assuming I hadn’t won. But there, in the cardboard box, was proof that I had.


It’s an Elna 660 Experience. It comes with an extension table that is going to be brilliant for quilting. It also comes with walking and darning feet, which are normally expensive extras. It has a knee lift and a stop/start button. It has a pivot pin so you can sew in circles. There are about 200 stitch designs, including 3 alphabets. 12 KINDS OF BUTTONHOLE. It has a padded cover, but brilliantly, it also more or less fits into the hard case which was one of the things I liked about the old machine. More resilient which is good in my tiny house without a dedicated sewing space.

It is glorious. It’s a better machine than I would ever have bought for myself, even if I had the money and really needed a new one. As it is, my current machine is 10 years old and although it’s showing some wear after moving house with me multiple times and being used fairly heavily, it is fine. But the new one isn’t just fine. It is AMAZING. Shall I show you?




So, thank you very much indeed, Elna. I am not absolutely certain, but I think it was probably Sew Magazine who ran the giveaway, so thank you to you as well. You have made me very happy indeed today.