New covers, new titles, new books!

New covers for old books:
photographers-irresistible-  tcw-cover


Aren’t they pretty? I’ve been going through my back catalogue, updating the covers and these are the latest. The Boss’s Temporary Secretary is the new name for Reckless Runaway at the Racecourse and The Photographer’s Irresistible Model is the new name for Flirting with the Camera. I’m still deciding what to do about the anthology covers but all the individual titles now have their new look.

Entangled have also given me a new cover for All I Want For Christmas:
aiwfc new cover Pretty!

I do have one properly new book:
It’s available for preorder on Amazon now and will be at other places soon. It will be on sale from Dec 24th. The preorder price of 99c will go up to $3.99 in the new year, so buy early, buy cheap!

The compilation volume of An Offer She Can’t Refuse is available now and I should have the first part of my next serial on sale next week.