New year, new look, new plans

I hope you like the new look website. For a while now I’ve wanted to consolidate some of my different sites into one, and I’m so glad to have finally done it. I hope you’ll find it easy to locate the content you’re interested in.  Occasional posts (like this one) will appear in several of the different blog pages, but mostly they’ll be separated out.

If you have any feedback, especially about accessibility, please let me know.

Plans for 2016:

In the Resources section, I do plan to make some Christian colouring and meditation resources available. I’ve got a couple of Bible study guides to polish up and format for the site. I’d like to finally start getting some Song of Songs resources together this year.  Of course, a lot of my time is now spent producing various resources for the Online Pastor website that I run as part of my job, so you might be interested in checking that too.

Under the Romance heading, I am very hopeful that following the hiatus in 2015, there will be some new content here in 2016. I’ve started working on a story for an anthology of over-40s romance which won’t be out until October. But I think there might be one or two other things coming sooner than that. Stay tuned!

And, always the most fun part of the new year, I have lots of new craft plans. I’m going to sign up for a weekly art class – I signed up in September but it was cancelled, so I’m really hoping that won’t happen again. I’ve got a cardigan to finish knitting and a quilt to finish hand-quilting. I started a new embroidery project yesterday, which I LOVE. After that’s finished, I am going to work through my RSN embroidery book, tackling the lessons and projects in an attempt to improve my technique. I’ve just joined the Embroiderers’ Guild and I’d like to start going along to the local branch whenever possible.

That seems like plenty to be getting on with, now that I’ve got this full-time job taking up all my free time!