No review this week

I had been planning to review one of the books I read but it turns out that it was written by the kind of author who thinks it’s okay to troll negative reviews. As it happened, I quite liked the book, but I’m not into rewarding that kind of behaviour. So no review from me.

Other things I read this week include:

A Grosvenor Square Christmas – collection of novellas. Mixed, as you’d expect. The novellas take up 84% of the book with the rest being promo excerpts. I thought that was a reasonable ratio. The story I enjoyed most was One Kiss For Christmas by Vanessa Kelly, and the two I enjoyed least were The Seduction of a Duchess and The Last First Kiss. The Seduction of a Duchess had a ludicrously implausible plot and The Last First Kiss had a writing style that I found like nails on a blackboard. There is a framing story that is ridiculous and I feared its conclusion from the start. Disappointingly my fears were proved right. If you are the sort of reader who does not care about issues of historical plausibility, you might love all these. And it’s free, so there’s that.

Caroline’s Waterloo and The Hasty Marriage, Betty Neels. There’s a great post about the attractions of Neels’ book and a comment with some recommendations on Miss Bates’ blog. These were two of the recommended titles and I loved them both.

Miss Bates is hosting a book club discussion of The Great Gatsby on December 8th. Unaccountably, I have never read it, so I am going to try and read it in time for the discussion.

And that’s it, apart from the Book That Shall Not Be Reviewed, and a lot of lovely books by Isobel Kuhn which I re-read for church this week.