Other resources

Sex and the Heavenly City
My talk from the 2019 Church Society Conference.
The Greatest Song
Six talks on the Song of Songs.
Reforming Women’s Ministry
My talk from the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2017.
Advent 2017 in the Minor Prophets
A series of readings through the 12 minor prophets for Advent 2017.
Growing your church community online
My seminar from the Premier Digital Conference 2016
Bible Reading
Some suggestions for devotional Bible reading patterns.
The Natwivity Script
Script for a nativity play, twitter style.
40: Lent Readings
A series of readings for Lent 2015, focussing on significant periods of 40 days or 40 years in the Bible.
Season of Longing
A series of readings for Advent 2014, focussing on the Old Testament prophecies of the king, the restoration of Israel’s fortune, the ingathering of the nations, and the new creation. Updated for 2017 dates.
Bible colouring
Meditations and pages to colour for several psalms.
In defence of romance
An apologetic for reading and writing romance novels.