I’ve uploaded some pages of meditations and colouring for several psalms. You’re free to download and copy these as much as you like for individual or church use. You can find them all here and when I have more done, this is where I’ll add them. Please do NOT upload […]

Bible colouring

I hope you like the new look website. For a while now I’ve wanted to consolidate some of my different sites into one, and I’m so glad to have finally done it. I hope you’ll find it easy to locate the content you’re interested in.  Occasional posts (like this one) […]

New year, new look, new plans

Sorry for the radio silence! Many of you will know that I now have a new job and you can mostly find me online at the Online Pastor website and associated social media accounts. There are all kinds of resources including an online video discipleship series, some new daily devotions, […]

Two Nativity Plays

Because I couldn’t bring myself to keep reading past 13%. But some assorted thoughts. First, it’s obviously true that the story of Esther is not a romance.  However, personally I don’t think this means it can’t ever be reimagined as a romance or inspire a romance. Plenty of satisfying romance […]

Not a review of That Book

On Monday a kind friend texted to say she had a spare ticket for the Chelsea Flower Show and if I could make it, it was mine. I made it. And, oh, it was so wonderful! I wish I’d had longer. We got there at 8.30am and I had to […]


I am pretty much at the end of the Great Spring Clean and Clear Out 2015. Actually, I more or less finished a couple of weeks ago, but inevitably sorting and clearing and tidying left a few organisational gaps which I have been filling. I have finally found a suitable […]

Spring organising