Phew 2

The sexy French footballer has been emailed to my editor with a strong sense of relief. It’s a fun book – at least, I made myself laugh while I was writing it – and I hope she will like it too. It won’t be on sale until the end of the year, I think. There’s a much longer lead time at Entangled now, because of the change in distribution and also because they’re now being reviewed in RT magazine. This is a really exciting prospect but it does mean that review copies have to be available well in advance of the publication date. I think it means that other reviewers will also be able to get advance copies, too, and that readers will be able to pre-order the book. I love it when I pre-order a digital book and it just pops onto my Kindle on the right day as if by magic. I will be sure to let you know as soon as you can pre-order An Unsuitable Husband.

I’m taking today off (it’s a bank holiday in the UK and it’s sunny, which is a combination that almost never happens), and then I need to decide what to work on next. Tom and Hattie are a priority, but I also need to get together a couple of proposals to send to my editor.

Here, have some peonies while I think about it.


2 thoughts on “Phew

  • Christine

    Great! I’m looking forward to reading it. Since reading “The Oil Tycoon and …..” (first book I’d read by you) I’ve been going through your back list. Really enjoying your progress as a writer and looking forward to more.

    • theoldshed Post author

      Thanks, Christine! I do wince a bit when I read some of the earliest ones but not quite enough to take them down and pretend they never existed. I hope there will be lots more to come in the future.

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