Putting the ‘mmmm’ into Monsieur

Marriage is just a piece of paper.
Love demands a piece of his heart.


“Ros’s sexy French soccer player can flash his tattoos at me any time. A fun and sexy read!” Laura Florand, International bestselling author

“Funny, clever and sexy: Ros Clarke delivers.” Kelly Hunter, USA Today bestselling author

It’s the release day for An Unsuitable Husband and that means you finally get to meet the French footballer I’ve been drooling over for the past twelve months. Emile is all tattoos, muscles, and – though you can’t really tell this from the picture – sexy grins. He’s fun and funny, he’s laidback except when it comes to his game, he’s confident and charming and I defy you not to fall for him. Theresa couldn’t help it, despite all her best intentions and her natural reluctance to get emotionally involved. She’s the perfect foil for Emile, ambitious, independent, totally career-focussed. She needs him to help her to relax and remember to eat lunch. He needs her to help him see that life is about more than football.

No, it is, honestly.

Check out the early reviews here. This one helpfully lists the reasons why you should read the book:


Thanks, Nicola! I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Whether you’re as football-obsessed as Emile, or like Theresa, you think it’s just ‘twenty-two men kicking a ball about as if it mattered’, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in An Unsuitable Husband. It’s funny, sexy and clever and even better, it’s on sale now at a special release bargain price of 99c.

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