Reading challenge check-in

A BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP: I read Aimee Byrd’s Why Can’t We Just Be Friends
A BOOK YOU OWN BUT HAVE NEVER READ: I have started reading Echoes of Exodus which I bought last year
A BOOK ABOUT GENDER OR SEXUALITY: I read Glorify God in Your Body
A BOOK ABOUT CANADA, SET IN CANADA, OR WRITTEN BY A CANADIAN: I just read Three Little Words, the last in Jenny Holiday’s Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series, which is mostly set in Toronto, and Jenny lives in London, Ontario.

I liked Byrd’s book a lot and think there’s some really important things in it for the church to learn. Coincidentally, there was a lot about friendship in Glorify God in Your Body too, which I wasn’t expecting but appreciated. I’m glad I’ve read that, too, and found good, clear explanations of a lot of complex issues in it. I’m enjoying Echoes of Exodus as well. Up for the podcast this month is Gay Girl Gone Good which I’m wondering if I can count for ‘Based on a true story’.

I loved the Bridesmaids series and enjoyed Three Little Words a lot. The heroine has a lot of hang ups about food, which is not my favourite thing in a romance, but I actually really liked the way it was handled in this book.