Real art

A few weeks ago, my art teacher asked us all to choose a favourite artist for a Show And Tell. I chose Bridget Riley who has been my favourite artist since I was a student 25 years ago. I went to an exhibition with a couple of her works over Easter and had treated myself to a lovely hardback book full of pictures.

Having talked about our artists, we were then hit with the bombshell that for the next few weeks we were going to be working on pieces inspired by them. Gulp. Riley is (a) a genius and (b) incredibly precise and geometric in her work. I am neither of those things.  I thought about various ways I might try to get something similar to her style. Initially I was thinking stripes, but then I hit on diamonds and triangles which worked much better. And I had thought about collage of various kinds and different media, but in the end went with simple acrylic paints and lots of masking tape.

Today’s class, as always, was 10.30-12.30. My lovely teacher let me stay until I’d finished. At about quarter to three. I was quite happy with it and then the teacher went to hold it up at the other end of the room and I gasped. It looked like proper art. And it looked like my inspiration – looking up into the sky through a leafy tree. And I love it.