Some of the best things that happened for me in 2014

In no particular order and certainly not an exhaustive list:

1. The Best Holiday in the History of Holidays Ever including…
1a. Meeting some of my twitter friends;
1b. Shopping at Mood;
1c. The Charles James exhibition at the Met;
1e. CRUISE including…
1f. Swimming in the outdoor pool on the ship in the middle of the Atlantic.
2. Getting my PhD.
3. Finally getting An Unsuitable Husband out.
4. Working with Karen Dale Harris on Island Fling.
5. Launching the new website.
6. Learning that a new niece is on the way.
7. Being asked to be a bridesmaid.
8. Winning a new sewing machine!
9. Going to the life drawing classes.
10. Olivia Waite’s series of blog posts in April.
11. BFB readalongs, especially the Hilary Mantel books.
12. More opportunities to do the kind of teaching I really love, at church and in other places.
13. Yarndale.

Not to mention the many excellent ongoing blessings of great friends, a great job working with great people, a beautiful place to live, generally good health.

I know 2014 was a terrible year for a lot of people, and it hasn’t been unalloyed pleasure for me. But I’m grateful to be able to look back and have so many wonderful things to remember.