I have dresses!

Dress 1, cobbled together from a dress I made a few years ago:


I cut some length off the skirt changing it from calf length to just above the knee. I also changed it to have short box pleats, giving a smooth section for the belt to sit on, and added the belt loops for this (the belt is from the old dress, but I lost the loops when I cut off the length). I made a version of the top then decided I didn’t like the fabric I’d used, so I did it again in this gorgeous printed stretch velvet.  No pattern for any of this. I cut the first version of the bodice based on a stretch top that fits me  pretty well, then used that to make some adjustments for this version. I’d never done this sort of ruching at the bodice but I found a tutorial online and it really is as easy as the tutorial said. You just stitch a strip of elastic down while stretched out. Close up of the ruching and the piping round the neckline:


Dress 2, from a Monsoon dress bought on sale last summer for the purpose:

dress2I loved the fabric of the original dress, but the bodice was clearly not designed for anyone with breasts:

orchiddressSo, I cut the bodice off, hoiked the waistband up to empire line, which made the skirt the right length for me, then made a new bodice in midnight blue, to which I added some embellishments. I have a whole box of these bought about 10 years ago for a completely different project, but they are the perfect colours for this dress. dress2ii

Dress 3, and the only one (so far) made from scratch:dress1

This is the Strictly dress, modelled, (sort of) on one that Lisa Riley wore on the show. I love this more than I can say: pink, sparkly, feathery, glorious. The picture does not really do it justice – it will be at it’s best when I’m twirling round on a dance floor with lights reflecting. I can’t wait!  I used a Burda pattern for a wrap top, cut short so that the bodice ends just below the bust. I cut the skirt slightly on the bias in order to make the rows of feathers horizontal. It’s slightly A-line, and with the bias, it twirls beautifully. Skirt is lined, bodice is trimmed with pink/orange/gold ribbon. Close up to give a better idea of colour:


So, that’s where I’m at with a week to go! I have one more that I’d still like to make and maybe some daywear too. We’ll see. I really need to make a list of Things To Do Before I Leave and then I’ll have a better idea of how realistic that is.