Holiday snaps (iii): Queen Mary 2

This is what was waiting for us in our Princess Grill Cabin:

This was the view from our cabin on the grey, drizzly Friday when we left New York:DSCF4099That is the Statue of Liberty in the gloomy distance. Her torch was still shining, though.

And, um, that is the last photo I took. Sorry. Here’s some postcards I bought:DSCF4103

The captain informed us that we cleared this bridge with about 2m to spare. That is not very much at all!DSCF4102We didn’t get to sail round the statue as in the top postcard, because we were delayed leaving and the weather was so bad.

This is my haul from the ship:

DSCF410110th Anniversary book of the QM2. Personalised stationery. Cunard chocolates. Cunard slippers. I also have a Cunard pen somewhere.

So, um, you’ll have to imagine the rest. There was a lot of sea. It was very beautiful. I will blog about what it was like on the ship but the tl;dr version is: AMAZING.

Holiday snaps (ii): USA

Birthday present from lovely friends I stayed with in DC:


We went to the Smithsonian to see the exhibition of First Ladies’ Dresses which was very fun. We also saw a vast dolls’ house, Judy Garland’s ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, and Miss Piggy:WP_20130721_001

I have no photos from my time in Philly because I wasn’t really being a tourist there.

In NYC, we went to the Fashion District: WP_20140513_001

And mostly we went to Mood where they sell zips:


…and buttons…WP_20140513_004

…and trimmings…WP_20140513_002

…and fabrics:WP_20140513_003

I made some purchases:



I did not take any photos when we went to see the Lion King because there were a lot of people telling us all the time that we weren’t allowed to. It did not stop many people, however. I really think that if Disney don’t want people taking pictures of the safety curtain, the easiest thing would be to use a plain safety curtain. Nor did I take pictures of the Charles James exhibition at the Met, because again it wasn’t allowed. Nor have I taken photos of all my other purchases because I’m assuming you know what jeans, plasters and plain pashminas look like. And the glorious necklace I bought was pictured in a previous post.

Holiday snaps (i): Iceland

I am hopeless at taking photos. I never remember to do it, I get things out of focus and out of shot, and I much prefer just to enjoy the moment without recording it. However, I have taken some photos of some things in the last three weeks. Probably not the things you were interested in seeing, but they are the things I was interested in remembering. So here they are, more or less in order, with occasional commentary.

Yarn I bought in Iceland:
This is actually Danish yarn. DK weight. Very pretty colours.

Icelandic Plotulopi.

Close up of the Plotulopi. It’s unspun yarn, so it is incredibly light and airy and warm. When it’s knitted up it felts a little bit, making it into a secure fabric. The yarn itself breaks easily and has to be handled carefully. It’s not soft yarn, so I’m thinking of making a jacket kind of thing to be warn as a warm outer layer.

Other pictures from Iceland:
WP_20140506_025Knitted onesies. Of course.

WP_20140506_022Useless picture of Strokkur, the geyser which is currently most active. A good photographer would have held the camera the other way round, obviously.

WP_20140506_001Icelandic hill with snow.

WP_20130720_004Icelandic lava field with moss.


Other things I bought in Iceland:DSCF4105

DSCF4106 Photo book of Iceland’s colours and patterns. I love this so much. Each photo has a palette of colours and there’s a reference list of colours at the back.

Also (not pictured): plastic Viking helmet for my nephew.

366 days to go

So, after talking and planning and hoping for over a year, it is now booked. So, I guess that means we’re really going. Where?



Isn’t she beautiful? She is the Queen Mary 2 and on May 16th, 2014 she will be sailing from New York to Southampton with me on board. Better start planning what to wear.