Technology woes and a new title

Everything has broken.

Well, okay, not quite everything. My Kindle is old and slow with a cracked case, but I can still read things on it so long as I give it time to find them first. My phone is working, yay! My netbook has the screen hanging off by one hinge. After the other hinge broke, the keyboard stopped working and then the wireless adapter stopped working. It had been waiting for a trip to the Tip Of Doom. Until yesterday when my main work laptop died. Utterly, completely died. No lights, no sound, no action.

You may imagine how traumatic it was to get home after Bible study and realise I had no way of watching the Great British Bake Off on iPlayer. Having confirmed that the big laptop wasn’t coming back to life, I tried the netbook again. I am typing on it now. It’s slow and very fragile, but it is now more or less operational. But I can’t do any work on it.

So today I bought a new laptop. It is shiny. And it has Windows 8.1 which is not nearly as horrible as I had feared. You can use a normal desktop and not go near the tiles bit at all. I have mostly managed to install all the software I need, though I have lost the serial key for BibleWorks which is a bit worrying. I have emailed support, but I’m not hopeful. I’ve had fun trying to remember all the passwords I normally don’t need to know. I locked myself out of this site for a while and had to change things in myphpadmin which was a bit scary.

ANYWAY. Before things all died yesterday, I had been working on the formatting of my new short story and was hoping to have pressed publish today. That is not going to happen. The story is safe but the cover has been lost. I had uploaded the cover here but not the latest version with a new title! So I need to redo that. And then check that I haven’t lost any revisions. And redo the formatting. I hope to press publish tomorrow.

Oh, the new title. It made me laugh so much when I thought of it, and twitter and facebook were uncharacteristically unanimous in support of it. So, ‘Grass is Always Greener’ will now be known as ‘Not My Field.’