Today will be bad…

…and tomorrow will be beyond imagining.

I have begun the Great Spring Clean of 2015. And, well, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Today’s task was the bedroom. I have made some good progress, clearing out half the wardrobe of craft and other stuff so that it can now house more clothes. I’ve also packed up several bags of books and other stuff to go to the charity shop/tip. Most pleasingly, I have been offering up various items free to a good home on FB/Twitter through the day, almost all of which have been claimed.

Before bedtime, I need to clear the bed and the bedroom floor. It shouldn’t be a huge job. There’s a pile of summer clothes I’ve taken out which need hanging up, and some winter ones to put away. Mostly the rest is rubbish which just needs taking out. The chaos has mostly moved into the sitting room, which is now home to a pile of boxes of stuff. Somehow, I need to sort through all my craft things and fit them into the available space. I’m pretty sure this is going to require the purchase of new storage boxes, yay!

The plan is bedroom today, bathroom tomorrow, main room Friday and Saturday. Then next week I can focus on the office. That is also going to require the purchase of new storage, including a filing cabinet. I want one in a pretty colour.

The main goal of the Great Spring Clean 2015 is to know what I’ve got and where it is. There’s a ton of stuff I never use because it’s hidden in boxes which are hard to get to and aren’t labelled so I can’t remember what they contain. So either I can get rid of it because I never use it, or I need to make it easier to find so I start using it.

Well, that’s the theory.