Two Nativity Plays

Sorry for the radio silence! Many of you will know that I now have a new job and you can mostly find me online at the Online Pastor website and associated social media accounts. There are all kinds of resources including an online video discipleship series, some new daily devotions, and a little gospel video. Check it out!

Here’s something which is not part of the job, though. It’s a little ebook featuring two nativity plays for churches. It’s called Two Nativity Plays For Churches. One is my Natwivity play from last year. The other is called The Donkey, the Cow, the Sheep and the Camel and is by an actual comedy scriptwriter, James Cary.

The ebook is free to download and you are welcome to perform either or both plays wherever you like.

If you would like to make a donation to the Barnabas Fund for the book, we would love you to do that. They provide hope and aid for the persecuted church. Many Christians around the world won’t be having much of a celebration this Christmas. Your donation will go to help them.

Download the book:


Mobi (for Kindle):