What I did on my summer holidays

Gosh, I’ve been away for a long time. Hello! Did you miss me? Or were you off having exciting adventures of your own this summer?

Here’s what’s happened in the last six weeks:

  1. I went to the Lake District for a week. It rained every day. Also, I was not relaxed because I had three huge looming deadlines shortly after I returned. Also, there are a LOT of people who go on holiday to the Lake District and I found it hard to escape the crowds and relax. On the plus side, I got to spend some time with the lovely Kate Hewitt, and Andy Murray won Wimbledon.
  2. It was hot. Too hot. For two weeks when I needed to work really, really hard. I had revisions to do on the footballer book, and I had to finish Hattie and Tom’s book to send to the editor. I did get there in the end. At 3am the night before I was due to go away again.
  3. I went on summer camp (no actual camping involved, phew). This is a thing I have done for over 20 years, though not for the last few years, so it was good to go back again this summer.
  4. I had three days at home, one of which was spent in Manchester catching up with an old university friend, which was such a treat.
  5. A long weekend in Northern Ireland including a wedding and chance to visit other friends. I had a really wonderful time and hope to go back again sometime soon.
  6. Three more days at home including… FINISHING AND SUBMITTING THE THESIS!!!!  I know, right?! I can’t quite believe it either. I still have to have the viva and doubtless there will be corrections, but IT IS DONE.
  7. Very kind friends invited me on their family holiday in Scotland. I’ve been here for two weeks and thoroughly spoiled – no driving, no cooking, no decision-making. It’s been miserable weather mostly (apart from the one glorious day when we went to Skye), but it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve swum in the sea, taken boat trips and seen seals, a basking shark and sea otters. I’ve had an impromptu spinning lesson, eaten wild raspberries warm from the sun, and begun writing a new story.

I’ll be home again tomorrow and getting ready over the bank holiday weekend for normal life to resume. It’s going to be an exciting few months with two new books coming out. Lying for the Camera should be available to buy from the last week in September and An Unsuitable Husband is due out with Entangled in December, I think. I’m also planning to finish up the Scottish short story and have that on sale in October or November.

Me, with Scottish castle:  scotland-004