What’s on my kindle

I promise there will be new Tom and Hattie soon, and even some other blog posts, but I’ve been away and busy and ill, and for now these are the easiest posts to write.

There has been more Jilly Cooper: Polo has been this week’s read. More horses, more ludicrous puns, more outrageous characters. Fab.

There is going to be more Betty Neels, following Liz’s mention of Cassandra by Chance.

And, since it is about to be March, there are going to be some new books: Annie West’s Captive in the Spotlight is first on the list.

I’m not going to be buying Katie Fforde’s latest, having been disappointed with most of her recent books. Nor will I be getting Janet Mullany’s Improper Relations, newly out on Kindle – I know many people love her style, but it’s just not for me.

What’s on your reading list this week?