What’s on my Kindle: cruise edition

I have been reading. A lot. Some great books and some not-so-great. Here’s the rundown:

Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry

Fun, sweet contemporary romance with real emotional depth. I like Mayberry Superromances a lot and this was a good one.

What A Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter

I’m not sure I really believed the conflict in this one, but Hunter’s writing is always fun. It’s the second of the Montana Brides books I’ve read and while I enjoyed both, they didn’t make me rush out to get the others.

Her Client From Hell by Louisa George

Hmm. I think I’m about done with books about heroines who cook for a living.

Gambling with the Crown by Lynn Raye Harris

Secretary and sheikh story. It was okay, but there was a lot of sequel baiting.

Whisper of Scandal by Nicola Cornick

Loved the idea of the journey to the Arctic, though I wished there had been more time on the ship than in the preparations. I really liked the romance in this one and I was glad for Joanna and Alex to find their well-deserved happy ending. The plot moppet was even more of a cipher than usual.

Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

I admit I was put off by the premise of this whole series in which heroines suddenly inherit castles. Although it has long been a daydream of mine that I will unexpectedly inherit, say, Blenheim Palace, so perhaps I shouldn’t mock. It features a hero who is conveniently blind at times and can see things at other times. Also a ludicrous backstory for the heroine. Nonetheless, Dare managed to hook me in and make me cheer for the Knights of Moranglia against my better judgment.

Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner

The knockout hit of the whole holiday. This was a delight from start to finish. I said on Twitter that it reminded me of Trollope’s wonderful Palliser novels, and of course it is not the same, but I could easily imagine Lady Tassell and Lady Glencora inhabiting the same world. There is a quite wonderful heroine and a hero who is worthy of her. There are plots and scandals and electioneering and a small town community that is perfectly realised. The best historical romance I’ve read this year, easily.

The Vicar’s Wife by Katharine Swartz (aka Kate Hewitt)
This is women’s fiction, rather than romance, and so it made me cry. I enjoyed it very much, with the two stories of women who both found it hard to move to the remote Cumbrian vicarage (modelled on the one Kate lives in). One story is set in present day and the other in the 1930’s-40’s. The connection between the two stories isn’t overdone but it’s enough to keep both narratives moving.

Things I still have on the kindle that I didn’t get round to reading:
Bring up the Bodies
Special Interests
Always a Stranger

I also bought a paper copy of Meredith Duran’s Fool Me Twice which I haven’t opened yet, and I have a pile of Jo Beverleys and also The Rosie Project which people have lent me. So although I have declared a book-buying embargo for June, I don’t think I shall be short of something to read.

What have you been reading lately? And what should I line up to buy as soon as the month is over?!!