Who am I?

ros1Ros, in black and white, trying not to lean against the picture on the wall behind her?

ros2Ros, in colour, looking serious, as if this matters?

ros3Ros, thinking that if she turns her head any further, something is going to crack?

ros4Ros, smiling because this is going to be over soon?

ros5Ros, sighing, because apparently it’s not over quite yet?

ros6Ros, leaning her elbows on the table, and looking earnestly into your eyes?

So which one should I pick? Obviously, I am looking for the one that makes you think you immediately want to rush out and buy all my books. Or, failing that, at least want to follow me on twitter.


  • I’m about fifty-fifty between pink floral and the last one with the scarf. But I like them all.

    • Those two have been the most popular on twitter, too, with the b&w one coming in third. I am not at all sure about the one with the scarf.

  • I like the last one with the scarf.

    In the pink floral one my eye is drawn to your body rather than your face. I like the “Ros, smiling” one too but think the scarf one is more ‘author photo’.

    • I think the scarf one is my least favourite because the pose feels unnatural to me. I might try cropping some of the others to focus more on the face and see what effect that has.